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How Many Mega Pixels

How Many Megapixels?

One of the confusing things in choosing a digital camera is deciding how many mega pixels you should look for.

The answer depends on what you plan on doing with your photography and pictures.

What is a pixel.

In terms of digital prints, a pixel simply means a dot of color that makes up the image.

One megapixel is equal to one million pixels. The more mega-pixels a camera has, the greater the amount of information it records, better image sharpness, and the better your prints will be (depending on the size of the print vs. your cameras mega pixels).

The easiest way to decide what to look for is to know what size prints and how you will use your camera.

3-4 Megapixel Digital Cameras.

A 3-4 megapixel camera is fine for any of you who don’t really plan on printing photos but mostly posting them on the internet for your website, blog, Facebook pages, digital photo frames, things like that.

If you think you may use the camera occasionally to print small photos, say 4 x 6 and possibly a 5 x 7, this will work for you and the files won't take up a lot of space on your computers hard drive.

5-8 Megapixel Digital Cameras.

This is probably a good range to start for a more than average user.

A digital camera with mega pixels in this range will allow you to produce good quality 4 x 6, 5 x 7 prints and good quality 8 x 10 prints.

This should be sufficient for your needs. The file sizes are going to be larger and take up more room on your memory card and your computers harddrive, but overall you'll be very happy with your decision.

10-14 Megapixel Digital Cameras.

When you reach these higher megapixel digital cameras your probably an avid photography enthusiast, semi-professional, or professional photographer.

You will be able to print excellent quality 8 x 10, 11 x 17, and poster size prints. With more mega pixels, the larger the file size and again the more space it will take up not only on your hard drive but your memory card as well.

More Megapixels?

Yes! There are still digital cameras out there with higher mega pixels, but I think you now know where this is going; the higher megapixels the better.

It just depends on what you will do with your camera.

Here are a couple of online stores to help you make a decision for the digital camera you want to purchase.

  • B and H photo has many Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many more digital cameras from compact point-and-shoot to digital SLR cameras.
  • Kodak offers easy to use digital cameras that are sleek and stylish in a variety of colors.

The choice is yours. Look to what you plan on doing with your photos and then decide.

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